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We are a leading manufacturer of wholesale cotton bags.We manufacture and export cotton shopping bags, cotton bags, cotton carry bags. Our bags are strong enough to carry around  all your things.These cotton bags are easy-to-carry with a soft shoulder strap, spacious in size, and are available in a wide range of colors with trendy designs and patterns.These wholesale cotton bags are not only great as grocery store bags, but also can be used as handbags for girls, beach bag and gym bag & much more.Our wholesale Cotton Bags are pocket-friendly and highly adjustable according to our client needs. At the point when we pick about buying endless things from a shopping center or a shopping complex or from a close-by supermarket, we surely look for a carrier in which the things can be placed easily. Cotton bags really appear to be a multipurpose carrier that has been picking up enormous popularity all around the globe. Cotton bags are extremely adaptable and completely in fashion. We are the top-notch wholesale cotton bag manufacturers in India and sell the latest and designer wholesale cotton bags to Europe, German, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Belgium and many more countries.

The rising environmental concerns have made reusable cotton shopping bags popular than ever before. We make our cotton bags with the best quality and reusable. Reusable cotton bags are the best alternative to plastic bags. reusable cotton bags are a perfect balance of function and fashion. Reusable cotton  bags for shopping are easy to carry and use for storage as well. The best benefit of these cloth shopping bags is the length of their straps which makes it an easy and simple shoulder bag. They can be folded up perfectly and put in handbags. Utilize these bags without stressing over them getting dirty. These are machine washable and dries quickly as they are lightweight. In this way, purchase, use, wash and repeat carefree. Whether you need reusable cotton bags or stylish bags with handles, we have plenty of options for you. Explore all of them and pick the best bags for your requirements from Shri Pranav Textile.Our goal is to offer maximum satisfaction to all of our retailers through our quality products & services in Europe, German, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Belgium and many more countries.

Why wholesale cotton bags/ reusable cotton bags are necessary?

Presently, four out of five grocery bags are plastic, and you know if plastic is not properly recycled, it will mix up into water, land, and air we breathe. So, it is the advice to overcome plastic uses to save the environment and save you, and reusable bags are the best option to overcome such problems. It depends on you whether you use whole sales cotton bags or reusable bags. But it would be a great effort to save the environment by using reusable cotton bags.
While you go outside, you have two options to carry your groceries. Either you go with plastic bags, or you can go with paper bags or reusable cotton bags. If you choose paper bags, they can recycle easily, and it is quite environmentally friendly, but you can go with cotton bags also; by doing so, you can use cotton bags multiple times.
So there are so many reasons to use reusable bags in place of paper bags and plastic bags. Here take a look at some specific benefits of using reusable bags and overcome the negative impact of plastic bags.

Resource conservation:
As we know, more than twelve million of barrel oil is being used to manufacture plastic bags in a single country only. If we calculate the oil consumption to make plastic bags throughout the world, the number will go beyond your imagination. As per the report, you can drive your car miles in the same amount of oil used to manufacture approximate fourteen plastic bags.

Decrease pollution level:
Plastic products’ effect on the environment is devastating, and plastic products usually take around fifteen years to thousands of years to decompose. So, one can assume that how plastic products can be harmful to the environment. As per the report, only 1% plastic recycles of total plastic in a year, and the rest of 99% persist in the environment, which is the major cause of increased pollution. So, it is best to use wholesale cotton bags instead of plastic bags.

Apart from the above points, reusable cotton bags help the nation to avoid recycling problems. It also helps to take the initiative to protect wildlife. Suppose if you buy plastic bags each time, it affects your pocket each time and increases the pollution level, so reusable bags also helps to save your money. If you use reusable bags, you can use them for other purposes also.
We focus on the variety of reusable cotton bags that Shri Pranav offers and why to choose our products.

Shri Pranav is one of the leading manufacturers of reusable cotton bags, and we use superior quality material to manufacture them. We have expertise in cotton bags, cotton shopping bags, and cotton carry bags. Our product quality is not only attractive but also carries strong stuff. We always take care of user comfort while manufacturing wholesale cotton bags. That’s why we use soft shouldering straps to carry things comfortably. Our manufactured bags are quite deceptive in size and available in various colours in vast variety. One can choose as per their choices. Our designed reusable bags are not for carrying groceries but also can use as handbags for girls. Cotton bags are quite spacious so that one can use them as a gym bag also. One of the important factors that Shri Pranav always include while manufacturing cotton bags is an adjustment. Our adjustable bags allow you to adjust bags as per your need. We are a leading cotton bags manufacturer and exporter. Our designed products are huge demands in other countries like Europe, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Belgium, and others.
Now focus on the leading products that help showcase Shri Pranav as a leading wholesale cotton bags manufacturer across the countries.

Grocery bags:

Grocery bags are used to carry grocery items from the shop or store, and the best part is that once you carry grocery bags, you will not need to purchase plastic bags, which will eventually help your pocket and your nation. Shri Pranav brings grocery bags with longer durability. Grocery bags are one of the best items of our wholesale cotton bags. Our grocery bags come with dual reinforcement with the thick bottom for extra strength to make sure to handle heavyweight. It is made with heavy-duty material that makes sure longer durability with strong handles. Our grocery bags are washable, so you can easily wash them. It is the best choice to carry bulky items. You can stand it to put groceries inside. It is very lightweight with foldable features.

Multipurpose reusable cotton bags:

Multipurpose reusable cotton bags are usually used to carry clothes to the laundry, carry grocery items, shopping and moving outside. Shri Pranav has come to serve the multipurpose needs of clients. So, it is made up of heavy-duty material, making sure of its durability. High-density fabrics construct it, and it is quite eco-friendly. Canvas material ensures that it is quite strong compared to other reusable bags and usable for multipurpose activities. You can keep your winter clothes during the winter seasons and can use them to store quilts, pillows, toys and other kinds of stuff in your wardrobes. Due to its multipurpose uses, it is one of the demanded products in the market.

Embroidery cotton bags:

Embroidery cotton bag is made with a hundred per cent cotton, and it is quite comfortable to carry from one place to another. It is one of the demanded products in India and other developed countries because it is the best product of the wholesale cotton bags category and ideal accessories for women and girls. It is designed specially to carry in the parties and marriage functions. The best part of this product is, it is quite suitable with Indian and western outfits, and it is the example of the perfect blend of traditional handicraft with the modern. It looks so attractive, and people like to carry it with them. The embroidery cotton bag is suitable for every age of women, and it is available in various colours and varieties. Shri Pranav is quite dedicated to serving its esteemed clients by providing strong and durable embroidery cotton bags.

Printed Canvas cotton bags:

We understand the printed canvas cotton bags gives something extra to the customers and set them apart from the crowd. So, if you are looking for environment-friendly promotion bags for upcoming events, printed canvas cotton bags are the right choice for you. Shri Pranav has come with an extreme quality printed canvas cotton bag that gives you an elegant look and provides long durability. We love to design bags that stand out from the crowd by providing an extra touch to make printed canvas cotton bags beautiful. Shri Pranav canvas cotton bag is one of the highest selling items of the reusable cotton bags category. We are providing bags of any size with vibrant colour facilities to give you an amazing experience.

Heavy-duty cotton bags:

A heavy-duty cotton bag is a waterproof bag that is quite useful for carrying grocery items/ vegetables and other essential items. The heavy-duty cotton bag comes with strong full handles to make it a durable item. It is advised to wash it off through the hands only. Full handle stitching for better support and durability is the main feature of a heavy-duty cotton bag. It can handle up to 15 kg weight, and it is one of the best reliable items and available in all sizes. Heavy-duty cotton bags are available in various colors and varieties, and it gives freedom to choose the best bags as per the need. Shri Pranav comes with heavy-duty bags for those who usually carry heavy items and looking durable bags. Our bags are made up of pure cotton, and the fabric is quite smooth and soft. Our products are quite natural and reusable items that offer sufficient hygiene and are environmentally friendly.

Insulated cotton bags:

The food delivery business is growing day by day. The owner usually looks at such heavy-duty bags that carry heavy items and provide insulated features so that food may remain warm for a longer period. Shri Pranav provides an insulated cotton bags, which is quite large in size and capacity to carry many Tiffin at a time. One can use it for other grocery items. Insulated cotton bags are double stitched and quite durable, designed to carry strong items longer. The best part of this bag it is foldable, which means if you do not require more space and want to use it for fewer items, you can fold it and make it shorter as per your need. They are designed to open it easily. It is available in lightweight and provides many options in colours also. Our insulated bags are in huge demand and top in the list of reusable cotton bags category.

Due to rising environmental concerns, Shri Pranav made reusable cotton shopping bags that are quite popular than ever. We have been in the business to make the best quality reusable cotton bags and wholesale cotton bags past several years. Our main objective is to remove plastic bags from the market to save our beautiful environment. Reusable cotton not only provides durability but has also become a fashion trend. We are providing plenty of other options in terms of durability. All of our items are washable, and our main goal is to provide maximum satisfaction to our esteemed clients.


Cotton bags are better than plastic packs for some reasons, however, two of the biggest reasons are: cotton bags are reusable & Biodegradable, decreasing the need to utilize more materials for single-use creation, and cotton bags decrease plastic use and therefore plastic pollution.
  • A cotton bag is highly durable.
  • Cotton bags are thicker and can be used repeatedly as compared to single-use plastic or paper bags.
  • You may use these bags for a number of years.
  • You may also reuse plastic bags more than once.
  • Cotton bags are much more sustainable, nice, and practical than plastic bags.
  • Cotton bags are cheaper. In more and more places we have to pay for plastic bags.
There are several different choices in bags for you to use at the grocery store. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Reusable cotton bags such as they are biodegradable. We have various sizes of tote bags and pouches for various purposes
These reusable cotton bags need to be reused only 11 times to break even with conventional plastic. If you do opt for a reusable bag, be sure to consider the material and its origins, and how much you will reuse the bag.
A reusable cotton bag will last up to four years with weekly use. This very much depends on the frequency of use and what items are carried.