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Shri Pranav textile is one of the most highly recognized Home textile manufacturers in Russia,Germany,Uk. We offer development supported world class textiles  to our clients. We  continually  try towards dedication, business  ethics and customer satisfaction. Manufacturing superior quality, organic, home textile. We are here in the textile sector to give your homes, a stylish upliftment like never before.Choose from a wide assortment of rich cotton home decorations that includes bed linen, kitchen linen, feasting, living and outdoor home textile  goods, to change your home into a paradise! As a brand of sheer quality, it is everlastingly our utmost need to ensure that lone premium-quality things are offered to our regarded clients. As a brand of sheer quality, it is forever our most extreme need to guarantee that only premium-quality items are offered to our esteemed customers.We specialize in home textile manufacturing of large quantity of products and delivering it to hundreds of bulk purchasers all around the places like Europe, German, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Belgium and many more countries with the aim to achieving 100% client satisfaction.

Here, you can find the highest quality home textile products at amazing rates. Any place you look at a house, you will discover something that would be utilized as a decoration or for functional purposes and which is made of any kind of fabric, you are taking a look at a home textile product. We convey an enormous range of textile choices like textile products, home textile to suit your own preferences or fit your huge buying needs. Home textiles products  not only bring comfort to your home as well as add excellence to your environmental factors. If you are looking for the best home textile products, you’ve come to the right place. You can trust our experience in textile sourcing to provide you with the best service.Custom clothing options are offered at bulk purchasers .We supply high quality Home textile products in Europe, German, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Belgium and many more countries.

Home textile products are one which creates a fantastic look and radiant positive vibes to your home. Shri Pranav’s home textiles will not let your eyes settle down in the room and bring smiles to your face. We maintain the standard and merit of our products over these wonderful years. We have acquired people’s trust and contentment with our profound quality standards.

Significance of home textile products

  • The home textiles improve the aesthetics and improve the liveability of a particular place. It usually reduces noise and increases resonance.
  • Home textiles will not get you glare from the surroundings. A home textile cloth will observe external light and protect the external coatings of the furniture.
  • Home textile products keep your dining area, living area cooler and cut down expenses of lighting since it echoes the attraction of lighting.
  • Home textiles protect you from the darkness inside the house
  • Some specific home textile materials like cotton will shield you from skin allergic reactions.

Our range of assorted products is as follows

Kitchen textiles

Kitchen textiles are essential cloth accessories that will keep down the boring-choring life and boost your joy in kitchen activities. We as a dextrous home textile manufacturer offer table linen, table runners, table mats, table napkins and linen towels as our kitchen textile set.

Table cloths

The tablecloth is a square, rectangle or round-shaped piece of cloth spread over the dining table. Table cloths are standard covering for formal dinner tables in restaurants and households. It protects the table from scratches and stains and is easy to wipe and clean the tables. Home textile manufacturers use cotton, polyester, linen or blends of fabrics. Blend fabrics do not fade over several washing. Polyesters have greater durability and absorbency which support cleaning purposes.

Purchase elements of table cloths

Before purchasing table linen, look for several aspects and make your wise choice!

Dimensions and shape:

You can choose from a wide range of dimensions ranging from 40” to 98” inches based on the conducting events. Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval-shaped table cloths are available in the market.


Cotton, polyester, linen, burlap, lace, Plastic, Cotton blends are majorly used by home textile manufacturers.

Colour scheme:

Monochromatic, pastel shades and bright colours are used based on the tones of the room and the location of the table. You can even choose these tablecloths based on seasons. White, off-white and ivory colours are popular for formal events.

Room tone:

Table linens are chosen to set the mood of a room, event, party whether it is festive, serious. Professional, dramatic, etc.,


If you have large storage and laundry amenities in your house, you can opt for reusable tablecloths. If not better opt for disposable table cloths.


Most tablecloths are affordable for common people unless it is made from the costliest materials like silk.

Table Runners

Table runners are an important kitchen accessory that typically jazzes up the table decor with its sheer elegance. The table runners should be thick to hold their position in tables. They are usually rectangular in shapes running through the full length of the table. As a home textile product, it has monochromatic, geometric, ethnic, checks, floral shapes with tapering, triangular, tassel and oval edges. Cotton, linen, silk, organza, polyester, vinyl, casement, cots-wool, jute are the materials employed for table runners.

How to select a perfect table runner?

Check the length and width of your table and determine an ideal table runner to be purchased
Choose a table runner which matches and suits the decor of the kitchen table textile.
Point to be considered: A general table runner has 12 to 24 inches in length and covers ⅓ width of the table.


Table mats are flat and soft fabric used to withstand hot food placed on the table floor and prevent damages to the table surface. Table mats minimize noise caused by glasses and utensils. Table mats will intensify beauty to your dining table. It should be able to fit all the cutleries like forks, a bowl, spoons and a glass. A round or rectangular structured fabric made up of jute, cotton, denim, leather, bamboo, vinyl, cork and plastics is finished by home textile manufacturers. One can enjoy their food without odour and toxicity with natural placemats. No hassle cleaning and most placemats are easily washable. Get your vibrance in dining with table mats.

Table napkins and towels

Table napkins and towels are the general supplementary fabric that completes a table set. It is usually placed beneath the cutleries. It has a crisp appearance, smooth texture, classy and stunning look when placed on a table. It has weaved borders and comes in various sizes ranging from 12-26 inches. Most people preferred table napkins of smaller sizes that fit with the table textile accessories. Table napkins are meant to wipe off the food or drink from the mouth while eating. Cotton, linen, cotton blends, linen blends and polyesters are the choicest materials for home textile manufacturers.

Pillow Covers

A protective cover embodies a pillow within to eliminate dust, dirt that adheres to the pillow. Shri Pranav offers removable and washable cushion covers with a long-lasting life. We also produce baby pillow covers for infants as a part of our children and baby products. We guarantee that it doesn’t fade out rapidly even after several machine washes. A variety of fabrics namely silk, cotton, polyesters, velvet and other materials are best suited for pillow covers. Get your voguish pillowcases from the best home textile manufacturer.

Steps to choose your pillow cover

Take a look at the surroundings of a room or a place where you are going to fit your pillows. Your home is the best guide for the selection of pillow covers.
Go for tones that compliment your furniture, curtains or wall colour schemes.
Think of patterns, purpose and style for your pillow covers.


A Non-slip mats is purposive for use in and around entranceways, stairs, ramps and walkways. They are corrugated, tough, resilient in structure and used for smooth surfaces. It provides excellent safety to all people and prevents potential accidents for elders and children. Grip your floors with Shri Pranav rib mats.

Considerations of fabrics for household textile products

Fabrics set the mood, style, and vibe of a space. A perfect fabric will beautifully support your furnishing. Fabric content is an important consideration to be noted in home textile manufacture. Select a fabric with strong compounds, wear and tear properties and good abrasion resistance. A fabric should possess properties of water-repellant, flame retardant, Wrinkle and shrinkage control. On another hand, a fabric should provide a fine finish to your home textile products.

Properties of fabrics from home textile manufacturers

The fabric should be resistant to seam slippage, pilling, snagging, stains, flame and possess good fastness to the sponge. A good fabric should have breathability, weight, drape, durability, softness, construction. A good textured fabric has a tight weave of fabrics and a higher thread count.

Artificial fibers for home textiles

Other than natural fibers, contemporary home textile manufacturers produce kitchen textiles, pillows and rib mats using polyester, rayon, nylon, polypropylene, Teflon, recron, acrylic, etc. Synthetic fibers are durable, elastic, stronger, cheaper, softer, high in tensile strength when compared to natural fibers. On the other hand, natural fibers are biodegradable, comfortable and carbon neutral.

Quality tests for household textile products

Home textile products are tested for colour fastness, tensile stability, weather stability, dimensional stability, flame resistance, crocking resistance, UV light resistance, abrasion resistance and appearance retention. A standard set of protocols and procedures are followed for fabric testing as per American Association of Textile Chemists and colorists. Shri Pranav delivers 100% tested quality products in the market. A proficient team of textile quality controllers has undertaken meticulous checks to attain premium quality products.

Recent home textiles trend

In recent years, hybrid home textile products have gained significant popularity in today’s world. Current trend approaches include blue tone textiles, reverting to natural and rustic styles and environmentally friendly fabrics, mix match of natural materials and shapes. Some local patterns and designs have taken an unexpected position in the home textile market. Faded denim, mosaic blue, tanager turquoise have great demands in 2021.

Besides the fact that Shri Pranav is a leading major manufacturer of home textile products and accessories, they are sustainable suppliers of tote bags and accessories products over the years. A famous quote by Nate Berkus, “Home should tell a story of who you are and a collection of what you love”. Grab your adorable home textile collectives from Shri Pranav textiles.


Home textiles products can be characterized as the materials used for home outfitting and Aesthetic outlook. It consists of a different range of functions just as beautifying items used mainly for enhancing our homes.
Shri Pranav textile is one of the leading and largest home textile manufacturers companies in Tamilnadu. We offer development-supported world-class textiles to our clients. The price is low and high quality is guaranteed.
You can contact Shri Pranav textile for a wide range of home textiles products. We supply high-quality Home textile products. You can purchase with confidence.