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We present to you a wide range of tote bags and accessories for women that are available in different colors and designs. The tote bags for women are tough and trendy and have more space than your standard handbag and along these lines can convey more things inside. We have various sizes of handbags for various purposes. You can put some more stuff like groceries or an umbrella into these open tote bags, to make a few of its utilities. whether they are for schools, wedding favors, or beach bags, it is significant that you hope to get your tote bags customized. tote bags and accessories can be a gigantic overthrow for your business, as they help to deal with a lot of the organization’s marketing needs. why you decide to purchase our bags, purchasing tote bags and accessories in bulk is one of the most ideal methods of saving money and getting what you want. Stock up on totes today and look at the range we offer.Our highest quality tote bags and accessories designed according to the latest fashion trends and designs are delivered to bulk purchasers in Europe, German, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Belgium and many more countries.

Tote bags and pouches are the most convenient way to carry all your essentials in style. It’s perfect for a little shopping or to just carry around town when you’re out completing your chores for the day. Not just bags, but our Fatty and Classic Tote bags and pouches can be used for a variety of purposes. We have various sizes of tote bags and pouches for various purposes.  You can use them as a work bag, gym bag, college bag,  beach bag, travel bag, weekend bag, or simply carrying your fashion accessories. You could choose from a range of Classic Tote Bags or  Tote Bags pouch. Both categories offer you a wide range of designs that can be styled with any outfit. Tote bags and pouches play a massive role in providing you with an affordable and environmentally friendly bag that can be used for all manner of different things. We deliver to bulk purchasers in Europe, German, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Belgium and many more countries.

Tote bags and accessories are not regular, they are embellished.
“ Fabrics sewed up for the purpose to tote” highlights the necessity of a simple bag. Bags are beautifully stitched and decorated with cues of colors for daily use. We, women, carry bags everywhere we go but sometimes face the difficulty of not having enough space to put up all our accessories in one bag.

No worries…Guess what, here we provide a bigger bag for all your commodities!!

Tote bags and pouches are particularly designed to hold large things or items in them. Tote” denotes “to carry” Originally tote bags were created and used to carry woods and ice in traditional times. Later employed for multi-purpose use. A tote bag can fit your notebooks, cosmetics, water bottles, gadgets, wallet, specs, keys, laptop, snacks and so on.


Do you notice a sudden popularization of the tote bag?
The main reason for the hike in the use of tote bags and accessories is that they are user-friendly, trendy and fashionable. Pick your tote bag and get going!

Explore tote bags and accessories with Us!!
Shri Pranav Textile Creations is a well-established organization with a team of creative designers. We provide you with a range of products including tote bags, pouches and accessories. We have a group of dedicated and experienced designers who deliver fabulous shopping bags and pouches for our beloved customers. We wove with passion and commitment towards work to provide premium quality products. We offer products in the wholesale market only. We care for your satisfaction.


Categories of tote bags we deliver!
Our wholesale merchandise presents enormous varieties of tote bags to the end users. We impart awareness of our sustainable manufacturing practices through varieties of tote bags exploration.

Materialistic varieties of tote bags:
Cotton Tote bags: Wholesale Cotton bags are resistant over 350 C Fahrenheit thus any kind of screen print is possible.

Canvas tote bags: Canvas tote bags are sturdier than cotton bags and undergo intense sewing in manufacturing.

Sublimation tote bags: Excess fibre removed from the surface of tote bags using a lint roller.

Non-woven tote bags, burlap Jute bags, Polyester tote bags, Organic cotton tote bags, recycled canvas tote bags , reusable cotton bags are add ons to this list.


Purposive categories of tote bags:

Custom promotional tote bags: Tote bags are utilized to promote a brand or business by printing the company name or logo on the bag. Tote bags are usually provided after the products have been procured from shops.

Wedding or Gift tote bags: In Indian weddings, printed tote bags will be provided at last with gifts as a sign of culture to the guests and family members. Get your special wedding tote bags at Shri Pranav textile creations.

Boat tote bag: These tote bags and pouches are designed in a boat shape and are mostly made up of nylon cloth.

Beach tote bag: Beach tote bags are typically made up of jute material and have divided spaces for beach essentials like sandals, clothes, wallets and mobile phones.

Picnic tote bag: Picnic tote bags have separate compartments for drinks, foods and cutleries and are usually made up of polyester material.

Diaper tote bags: These tote bags are employed during the infant nurturing period. It is crafted with a visually appealing colour and has separate sections for baby essentials.

Work tote bags: It is stiff and made up of leather material to hold strong and heavy things like laptops. You can pack your lunch boxes, water bottles and other office prerequisites in this tote bag.

Travel tote bags: Unlike other tote bags, it has so many pockets and slots and is especially used for traveling. It is easy to sort and organize your products.

There are specially fabricated tote bags for maternity also. It is helpful to hold all other maternity-related products. Pregnancy tote bags, stadium tote bags add to this category.

Economical varieties of tote bags: Tote bags prices are based on the quality of the material used. Low , Mid and high price range bags are available.

Tote bags based on quality: Usually the Tote bags and accessories with premium quality grades are made up of high-end canvases. Tote bags come under class 18 of the trademark.


Salient features of tote bags:

Single bag with multi-purpose: These tote bags and pouches can be availed as gym bags, college bags, cosmetic bags, shopping bags, travel bags, beach bags, weekend trip bags, etc.,

Customization: Create your tote bag with our team!! Tote bags and accessories are so customized according to the interest of the customers. These bags have high functionality and features.

Utility: You can get immediate access to your products from your bag. In some other bags, you may feel irritated that you can’t open it , as it was stuck during emergencies. These tote bags and accessories need no further investments on repairs like changing the handles of the bag etc.,

Environment- Friendly: Based on surveys, on average a single person uses 700 plastic bags per year and recycles only 1%. If we use tote bags and pouches we can be able to deliver a safe eco-friendly environment. The fabrics used in tote bags and accessories are 99% biodegradable in nature.

Affordability: If you opt for a cotton or jute canvas, tote bags and pouches are pocket-friendly in rate.

Handy and Durability: Tote bags are easy to carry, light in weight and provide long-lasting usage.

Washable and Foldable: You can wash it to remove dirt or specks of dust in it. You can fold these bags and keep them in your closet and the storage space is less. Tote bags are even easy to hang on walls with hankers. It is possible to store a tote bag in another tote bag.

Preferability: Tote bags and pouches are used by all age groups from children to elders. Especially, children get attracted to the dazzling look of tote bags.

Tote bags as a marketing medium: Marketing via tote bags are one the best advertising ideas in recent times. A simple bag will remind your brand name forever in the hearts of customers.

Variety adds spice to your life: Tote bags are available in a wide range of attractive colours with enchanting patterns and versatile designs.


Get your vibe with a tote bag!

Colour: The versatile colours used in tote bags are dark grey, tan, soft metallic, merlot, deep emerald green and light blue. Moreover, tote bags, pouches and accessories are available in all shades of colour.

Design: We offer Diversified designs of tote bags based on the silhouettes and length of the bags and handles. Paper bag handles, twisted cloth rope handles and rope handles are some of the handle designs usually preferred for tote bags.

Quality: Don’t worry about your shabby bags. Some bags after a couple of rounds in the washing machine will leave a fresh look and become faded. That might not be a problem with tote bags at Shri Pranav Creations!

Printing Technology: You can paint, print or embroider your tote bags. Your company logo or your photos can be printed in tote bags and accessories. If painted, acrylic paints are most preferred.


Had a question about what is more special in tote bags than other bags?
A handbag or shoulder bag has many inner compartments, has a closing zip and has considerable weight. But, when we look into a tote bag it is wide open with no zipper attached to it.


Why to purchase tote bags and accessories in Shri Pranav?

Shri Pranav Textile creations have long term run on the production of tote bags and pouches over the years. We are a certified and trustworthy brand among customers. We offer tote bags and pouches to a broad spectrum of customers even overseas. You can opt for bulk orders of tote bags for several occasions and needs which minimizes your purchasing cost.

Pro-tips: Few tote bags purchasing considerations


  • Strength
  • Composition
  • Silhouettes
  • Price
  • Flexibility

Shopping is better with tote bags! Acquire a stylish tote bag at Shri Pranav textile creations!!


The main purpose of a tote bag is to serve as an easy carryall, especially during those busy days spent shopping or running errands. You can easily carry a lot of items in one single cotton bag like groceries or an umbrella into these open tote bags, to make a few of its utilities.
Because of their many uses, tote bags have become extremely normal. Customers may utilize the tote bag to go to the beach or go out to shop around. The Cotton handbag is a flexible pack that can be utilized for an assortment of purposes, whether for fashion or functionality.
Tote bags and pouches can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them as a work bag, gym bag, college bag, beach bag, travel bag, weekend bag, or simply carrying your fashion accessories. We provide you with the best quality wholesale cotton bags that are affordable and top it up with excellent customer service.